Sarawak, Malaysia

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Please give me your support. I assure you the really Wild & Pure honey ( Apis Dorsata) from Borneo.

Bottled RAW.

Only in 1 KG  (net wt) in Glass Bottle.

Apis Dorsata - The Real Wild Honey.

Ever Since Early Beginnings This Is A Great Super Food.

The Tapang tree (Koompassiaexcelsia) is the king of the Sarawak rainforest, towering over the forest canopy to a height of 80 metres or more. It is also notoriously hard to climb, with no branches below 30 m from the ground and a complete absence of bark. Why, then, would humans and sun bears both risk life and limb to reach its upper branches? The answer, of course, is honey. Mature tapang trees are festooned with huge vertical honeycombs as big as car doors, home to hundreds of thousands of giant honey bees (Apisdorsata).
Gathering this honey is no easy task, even after scaling the tree in one piece. Even if you aren’t in direct competition with a distinctly unfriendly sun bear (and some honey hunters proudly carry the scars), the giant honey bee is one of the most aggressive bee species in the world. 
Almost every human culture prizes honey (happily overlooking the fact that it is insect vomit), which bees create by regurgitating plant sugars found in nectar for use as their own food source. Native Sarawakians are no exception. While the sun bear relies on its dense fur for protection, human honey hunters approach cautiously at night, when the bees are more docile, carrying smoking bundles of twigs to subdue them further. Have this wonderful tasting honey around your home. We promise to provide you with the best WILD HONEY at best price, and promise to do everything we can to remain your supplier of choice.

Find THE BEST WILD HONEY You Need. I personally collect this Honey ( Apis Dorsata) and supply to my agent.


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